Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What has this country come to? Racism and homophobia cannot win.

This country has been though one of its most divisive periods in history. Probably not since the civil rights marches in the 60's, the health care debate brought out the worst in America. When the opponents of health care came down to the end, instead of admitting defeat, the Republicans (Tea Party) they yelled racial epithets at African American Congressmen and an openly gay Congressman. And no one in the Republican party denounced these actions, not one.

If I were a Republican/Teabagger, I'd be ashamed of these people and call them out for their actions. But not this group of Republicans. They actually encourage this kind of behavior. It will be their downfall and ruination. America is at its heart a nation of good, ethical, moral people. The fear mongering of the tea party and their friends in the Republican party will destroy their once proud, sensible party.


vomamike said...

It is to be expected - given the rhetoric, paranoia & hyperbole coming out of Beck, Limbaugh and company. It is the dumbing down of intellect in this country.

Jay-Ney said...

I have notice almost all white people are racist. It has been pointed out that MSNBC doesn't have any black working for them. It is also puzzeling how they only have white people working for them on the air. Nothing pisses me off more then when white people call out racism while being racist. The Panthers are not too happy with the liberal news media because they don't hire blacks. It has also been shown to us the amount of racism from progressive white. I used to think progressives couldn't be racist but I was way wrong.

vomamike said...

Jay-Ney - I think you have a jaded view of people - and life. There is plenty of racism in this country and I doubt it will ever be eliminated. By the way, racism has occasionally shown itself as a two way street. But having said that, I think you will find it much less virulent or pervasive in any given progressive crowd then in conservative circles. Obama could not have won the Presidency without extensive white vote.

As for MSNBC - you must not watch it very often. Many of the staffers who are solicited for comments say on Olberman, Maddow, Schultz, & Mathews are black. Often when Keith has been gone, there was this black lady, whose name escapes me, who substituted for him. While "on air" personalities may be all white, I bet you will find a goodly amount of behind the scenes people who are African-American. My sense is you are too readily willing to condemn by a "numbers" count which doesn't honestly reflect true employment. Have you ever watched the Sunday morning talk shows? Just about all of them for their "round table" discussions and debates have at least one black person.

One of my favorite radio personalities is Randi Rhodes - a black women - heard on 1310am - 6-9pm weekdays. (or so I am told, as I have never seen a picture of her)