Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A VERY Disturbing poll

I really don't understand the Republican mind. These numbers are alarming, 24% of Republicans actually think President Obama is the anti-Christ. 67% of Republicans think President Obama is a socialist, 57% say he's a Muslim, 45% responded he wasn't born in the United States, 38% say he's doing things Hitler would have done.

Put this together with the types of things that Sarah Palin is doing on her Facebook page, using cross hairs on a map to indicate which Democrats she thinks Republicans should "target" and you have a disgusting showing of lack of political savvy and sensitivity for the times we live in, especially when you couple this with the actual violence that is being incited at Fox News.

Rachel Maddow covered the violence and threats that have been received by some Democrats' offices over the health care legislation President Obama signed into law.

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Jay-Ney said...

And Bush was the anti-christ,so fucking what? The neo-cons will break and when they do we will be there to cut them down.

vomamike said...

Jay-Ney - I don't think this is the political discourse we are striving for!! I am always fearful of people who mix religion and politics as they are the least willing to compromise or seek consensus.

Now as for neo-cons - despite a visible record of their economic failure for the last 30 or so years, they can't see the forest for the trees. Greed is a big "blinder"! It is not the hard Right that I worry about, but the gullible and uninformed "middle". Will those with vision and intellectual integrity come to the polls this November? Apathy is our big enemy - that and Fox Noise!

Jay-Ney said...

Are you saying people didn't think bush was the anti-christ? Do you think that many people think the right wing neo-cons aren't demons? I think white people are evil and Bruce hates christians. So fucking what? Let them hate us then they will be like us. Once we push them to abandon their christian values we win. They throw a brick and they lose. If they hit us they lose. Even if we hit them and they hit us back they will lose. It is the christian box we must put them in. If we are to get real and lasting social justice then we must break down the christians church. If we can push them to sin then we win.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Liberals are guilty. Guilty of actually believing Conservatives won't resort to violence as their political power wanes further and further. Conservatives embraced Terrorism before the 2008 election, the last year plus has been ratcheting up the violent rhetoric. Conservatives and Republicans want an assassination attempt.

Jay-Ney said...

I agree with Grug. Even though the neo-cons haven't done much violence doesn't mean they wont. And the Progressive eill fight back with more violence. That is why they haven't done any violence. They are scared of us. But I have noticed that the more you say they will become violent the less violent they become. T^hat makes us look like liars when the neo-cons don't do what you say they will. We must force their hand like they do with us.