Wednesday, March 3, 2010

This is how the Republicans go after health care reform

I have to hand it to the teabaggers and the Republican party. They sure know how to stick to their talking points and use the fear card to stir up American whose best interests, financial and otherwise, would be served by health care reform. Last summer Frank Luntz rolled out his meme to use the fear of creeping socialism, government takeover of health care to stir up some gullible citizens to oppose health care reform. It was all a bunch of crap, but it scared a lot of people. The result was a lot of angry people at town hall meetings all across the country needlessly. There are still a lot of puppets mouthing the Frank Luntz, Fox News talking points.


vomamike said...

What a funny parady of the Right-wing talking points. What isn't funny is they believe it!!

Jay-Ney said...

It sounds like those fucking retards on chris' blog. I sent this post to all my friends.