Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fact (Alan Grayson) vs. Fiction (Bachman) on Health Care

Larry King had Alan Grayson and Michelle Bachman, discuss health care and using majority rule in the Senate to pass health care. Michelle Bachman uses more mass deception to try to make her case on health care. Health care reform is aimed the millions of people that don't have health care or have been denied due to a pre-existing condition or been kicked off their health insurance because they got sick.

That's just plain wrong. We can do better in America and we will. The Democrats will pass health care soon and the majority of Americans will be sighing a sigh of relief that they can finally take care of themselves and their children and sleep better at night because Democrats had the courage to tackle this massive problem in America.


Grung_e_Gene said...

Bachmann is the asexual offspring cleaved from the bosom of Phyllis Schlafly.

Bachmann's entire body langauge is odd with excessive blinking, a frozen faced smile, a vacant wide-eyed stare and stilted speech patterns punctuated with strange arm and hand gesticulations.

Michele Bachmann speaks to they that hear. To those who surround themselves with the language of righteousness and hellfire.

What she is really saying with her "Democrat Party", with the dropping of the article "the" whenever she says (The) United States, her calls for invesitigation into President Obama is it's okay to be bigoted, it's okay to hate, it's okay to commit crimes of violence because of your "sincerely held religious beliefs" because the Democrat party is the party of the unrighteous, the unjust, the communists, the america-haters, the homosexuals, the heathens, the damned. And the election of Obama is a sin for which United States is receiving god's just vengeance.

vomamike said...

Grung - good satire. I suspect it is part of her appeal to the Right - she's weird!