Friday, March 5, 2010

What the Hell Is Going on Here?

I can hardly believe what is going on in this country. Are we so afraid of an African American President that we are arming citizens out of fear of some imaginary enemy? This is a bunch of white guys putting 50mm machine guns on the back of trucks. This is truly scary, especially putting it in context with the 400% rise in hate groups in America.


vomamike said...

It is a testiment to the value of promoting fear. When you have 24/7 of irrational thinking coming out of Fox Noise and the RNC - when you have thinly veiled hate groups ginned up over the election of a black President - when you have a Republican minority in Congress who value politics over governing - well it doesn't surprise me one iota. The NRA has been using a boogeyman about gun control for decades. Alice in Wonderland is alive and well - unfortunately - in our country today.

Anonymous said...

"It is a testiment to the value of promoting fear. "

I agree. MSNBC is promoting fear. And they are denigrating those who don't fit their ideology "Old white men" "rubes," etc. Not really language appropriate for a supposed impartial news channel.

This is ideological porn.

For some balance:

vomamike said...

Silverfiddle - Only in the mind of a 'Righty' could the effort to expose the lies, the hypocrisy and the fear tactics of you on the Right be classified as "ideological porn". However in the world of wordsmithing - I'd have to say what I see coming out of the diatribes of you on the Right could indeed be referred to as ideological porn.

Anonymous said...

I watched the whole segment. She takes facts, and presents them well, then jumps off a cliff of speculation, complete with a man badmouthing old, white, men, Christians, anything and everything that doesn't fit their world view.

They turned these guys into the new kkk. I'm not defending these people, but it's all speculation once you get past the fact that this sheriff has started some organization.

It's perfectly within MSNBC's rights to say whatever, but imho, this is what's wrong with the news media, left and right. It's all sensationalism meant to keep the partisans stirred up.