Monday, March 1, 2010

Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates Tackle the Issues

On Saturday in Pittsfield, the three then Democratic candidates for governor of the state of Michigan answered questions about the issues for almost two hours. First they told the almost 100 Democrats gathered a little bit about themselves.

First, though, Debbie Dingell, wife of long-time Congressman John Dingell told the crowd that contrary to what all the pundits have been telling us, “this will be a great year for Democrats.” On Saturday the Michigan Democratic Party executive board decided to hold an endorsement convention on April 17. The endorsement convention will let the candidates judge where their support lies and will help those that get the endorsement of the party faithful to raise money and recruit volunteers.

After Dingell fired up the crowd the gathering got down to business. Stu Dowty, chair of the Washtenaw County Democrats acted as moderator as the audience submitted written questions. Click here for the rest of the story.


vomamike said...

I like Verg Bernero, but will keep an open mind heading up to the primary.

Bruce Fealk said...

I like Virg, but I was very impressed by Dan Kildee too. I just don't think Alma has the firepower required to win.

Jay-Ney said...

Verg is useless. I think Dan is a better pick but it's still too early yet. I'd like to see Progressive of color but beggers can't be chosers.