Thursday, February 25, 2010

This is What Health Care Reform is All About

Republicans have been whining for months that they don't want health care reform that would allow all Americans to have affordable access to quality health care. It's not about freedom or liberty or socialism or communism or fascism, it's about people, people who are sick and need help. Keith Olbermann's father has been in intensive care for six months and recently he asked his son to kill him. Keith's father couldn't take it any more.

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vomamike said...

Here is the irony - those on the Right will not see a heartfelt plea for sanity when it comes to healthcare reform, but a staged emotional setup. Their idiology and I submit, racicm, prevents them from viewing Keith's comment any other way. So sad!

Jay-Ney said...

He din't kill his father did he? Is that OK to kill a person or let them kill themselves? Assisted suicide? Should Keith be able to do what his fathers will is.? I think we should be able to kill ourselves or have someone do it to us. It's my life and my body. If my mother asked me to kill her I might do it.

Bruce Fealk said...

No, he didn't kill his father. But he's in so much discomfort and he knows the end is near.