Tuesday, February 23, 2010

OMG, Glenn Beck is a Communist

Jon Stewart took CPAC to task last night and proves that keynote speaker, Glenn BecKKK is a communist. Why? He says during his speech he learned everything he knows from books - HE BORROWED AT THE COMMUNIST INSTITUTION KNOWN AS A PUBLIC LIBRARY! paid for with taxpayer dollars and taken from your paycheck.
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vomamike said...

Stewarts satire often hits home, but I wonder if it just "flys" over their heads on the Right?

Jay-Ney said...

I knew Beck was a racist KKK communist. Didn't he rape and kill a black girl once?

vomamike said...

Jay-Ney - Please none of those kind of remarks - even in jest. Mr. Beck is many things in my mind, the most of which is a lunatic, but it goes too far to even jest about rape, or murder. I sometimes wonder, if he, like Limbaugh, uses this "on air" persona to win the hearts and minds- and ratings - of the lunatic fringe on the Right.

Jay-Ney said...

What are you talking about vomamike? Google the raping of a girl by Glenn Beck. I found some old posts of Bruces on Beck being a rapest. That is why I asked. Even that djtyg person has some blogs about the rape of that girl. Are you the only one here without a clue?

vomamike said...

Jay-Ney - I thought you were being satirical. Given the outrages accusations I read from the Right, I am very sceptical of ANY from any source. I have to believe that if there was a modicum of truth - provable - that Beck would have been at least indicted by now. We on the Left are never wanting for issues to fight for, nor opportunities to show hypocrisy, lying and selfishness by the Right. I just don't agree that we should promote charges that can't be proven. If you have unimpeachable sources, I'd be happy to change my mind.

Anonymous said...

I think Stewart is hilarious, even when skewing one of "my" guys.

American citizens are reading the constitution now because of Glenn Beck. Is it shtick? Yeah. But I also think he's sincere. He puts bread on the table by being a broadcaster. So what? I'm sure being outrageous gets more listeners, and more money. Capitalism is beautiful.

And I'm glad to see you realize that the biggest danger to any movement is the nuts on your own side.

Torakization said...

Since the enlightenment there have been leaders who tried to use the state to reduce the power of the state. In a word, socialists.

Glenn meets this description, no ?