Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Teabaggers Really are Racists

Former Congressman, Tom Tancredo, spoke last weekend at the Tea Party Nation in Nashville last weekend. About 600 teabaggers gathered at the Grand Ole Opry hotel. Tancredo put forth the idea that we should return to the days of literacy tests in order to be able to vote. These laws were called Jim Crowe laws when they were used to keep African Americans from voting.

Teabaggers will try to tell you that their opposition to President Obama is not about racism. They are lying. Judging by the applause Tancredo drew by calling for the return of Jim Crowe laws make it impossible to say that the Tea Party is not a group of blatant racists.

While most polls on the internet that are labeled as "unscientific" usually fade into obscurity even before all the votes are tallied, every now and then one becomes a meme.

Thursday morning, a Wonkette blog post titled "Fox News Poll: Yes, We Are Insanely Racist Crazy People" made it onto Digg's recommended list.


vomamike said...

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck - it must be a duck.

Chris said...

Yah all "Teabaggers" are racist. Are they homophobic too? They are dumb,right? And if all else fails make up some other name to call them. No wonder why no one believes you. You lost you crediblity all long time ago. And this proves you haven't gotten it back. There is a fringe on boith sides that are nuts. But you lost it on your generalizations all the time. I'm sure that vomamike and JoeC wont agree that we TEA Party members are racist. Some are on both sides.Sorry but you make me laugh with these posts like this. It's like third grade on this blog.

Bruce Fealk said...

Chris, you may be right, however, judging by the thunderous applause that Tom Tancredo got, I would hazard a guess the vast majority of teabaggers are latent, if not outright racists.

Did you watch the video, Chris?

Do you agree with Tancredo that we should bring back literacy and civics tests to be able to vote in this country?

vomamike said...

Chris - statistacally, you are right - there are no doubt racist in all movements, all walks of life. However, to suggest a return to the Jim Crowe laws of the South, which is what Tom Tancredo suggests cannot be construed as anything BUT racist. And Bruce is right, the applause he received for his remarks indicates a warm reception to his point of view. You can't hide from that.

Here is the irony Chris - some of what the "tea party" protests are about, are legit. The problem is, for one it is misguided. The "enemy" is not government but big business. And deny it all you want, but special interests beholding only to the rich and powerful, have upsurped the Tea Party movement. They should be embracing the likes of FDR like programs but instead are playing right into the hands of the corporatists. That's how I see it.

Chris said...

See Mike you spend too much time looking at the one that is a nut case. Half the time the nut case is a liberal plant and it gets burried on page 9 when it is found out. The TEA parties are about reversing the stending and changing the tax structure. All the other stuff is just fluff. There are liberal Libertarians,Blue Dog Reagan Democrqats,Independents and Republican both moderate and conservative. You are the ones trying to define us. Go to a TEA Party and you will see who is there. I'm sure when the left wake up to Obamas shortfallings on his campain promises there will be a lot more racists and scary signs. They had them on Bush and the TEA Party is nothing like the left wing protesters. I know Bruce is trying to make us look like we are. But the facts don't support his clames and that is why he isn't taken seriously. Most fiscally conservative Americans are laughing at the left wing right now. They don't have their acts together and they look like bumbling buffoons with this anicdotal BS. But by all means have fun with the snipping. We are having a great time reading it. When you want to get serious about issues let me know.

Bruce Fealk said...

Chris, of course a lot of us on the left have things to be unhappy with Obama about.

But he's done nothing warranting impeachment as 39% of Republicans seem to think. We don't think he wasn't born in the United States of America.

The teabaggers are making things up out of whole cloth. Liberals didn't protest Bush until he did things that were illegal, like the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. It's even come out now that Bush was planning the war against Iraq a year BEFORE 9/11. What is that all about? Do you think maybe, just maybe he lied to the American people about WMD? Do you think he and Cheney lied about outing a covert CIA officer, an act of treason if I ever saw one.

But you guys were right there defending him all the way, weren't you.