Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Republican hypocrisy called out on a grand scale

I've thought this for a long time. Republicans in Congress are really, really, really, big hypocrites. They claim they are for fiscal responsibility, but while George W. Bush was in office, they funded two wars without paying for it. They voted in a massive tax cut for the wealthiest Americans, that threatens to bankrupt the country. They voted for Medicare Part D, but didn't pay for it.

Then when President Obama took over, all of a sudden, apparently they are against tax cuts for middle-class Americans. President Obama and the Congressional Democrats want to enact health care reform and even though it's paid for and Americans actually want a better health care plan than is currently under consideration, they want to kill it and start over.

But last night took the cake. Rachel Maddow ran through the list of Republicans that are out in their state and districts taking credit for stimulus projects, while having voted against and publicly denounced the stimulus bill that passed within weeks of President Obama being sworn in.

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Ed Schultz had Mark Zandi, an economist who was advising John McCain during the campaign on his show, and Zandi said that the recession basically ended when the stimulus bill kicked in.
So, my question is, how can reason able people disagree about the fact that President Obama's economic policies have brought America from the brink of a second Great Depression and have the country headed in the right direction economically? Reasonable people can't disagree, but then there are the people that consider themselves part of the tea party movement.


Chris said...

I watch her last night. If this is the best you have then you are in big trouble. It's their money weather they wanted it or not. That's like your argument that if I don't like SSI then I shouldn't take it. Well then I shouldn't have to pay for it. It's my money then. You are so disconected with the fact that it's everyones money not the Democrats money.

Bruce Fealk said...

Chris, you missed the point entirely. My point and Rachel's point is that if you didn't vote for the stimulus and you go on television criticizing it and saying it didn't create even one job, then don't go to events and put your name on giant government checks taking credit for the new jobs.

That's a giant case of hypocrisy. It's totally different than takign SSI.

Chris said...

I got your point Bruce. I was just making a point you missed. I agree that it silly but would you have them turning down the ground breaking and have you critisize them for that? They would never win with the left. No one cares about this issue but the left. It is a part of their job to be at the groundbreaking of these large civil projects. The Democrats and Republican always show up for the groundbreakings even when thye voted against the projects. Only the left think it's a pivital moment. Obama is keeping Gitmo open,the war in Iraq is still moving on,we are bombing Pakistan,our national debt is off the charts and this is where you put you thoughts. Can you say "Denial"? Sorry you can't handle the truth Bruce.

vomamike said...

Bruce - I'm convinced that the Right cannot see the forest for the trees. They have allowed idiology to cloud their judgement, their interpretation of dialogue from the Left and are in a state of denial about reality.

And Chris - Rachel Maddow is one of the most articulate, reasoned persons I have ever come across. But for those of you who worship the ground that the likes of Beck, Limbaugh and Palin are - well then I can see why you don't get Maddow. She is anchored in truth and reality - not revisionist history and convoluted discredited idiology.

Bruce Fealk said...

Chris, I think it's so interesting that you criticize President Obama for things that neocons like you are in favor of, like bombing Pakistan.

Are you saying you don't support bombing Pakistan? I bet you do support it.

To me there is good debt and bad debt. Going into debt for war is stupid, especially when you decrease taxes at the same time and you give the biggest tax cuts to the wealthiest 1% of Americans.

I didn't see any of you protesting Bush when he started the Iraq war or the war in Afghanistan. I thought you loved war, Chris.

Teabaggers have been beating up President Obama about the stimulus since day one of his administration. It is hypocritical for Republicans that said it was not only bad policy, but said they wouldn't take the money, now going out and doing public events where they tout the programs that are being paid for with stimulus money.

Chris said...

I do but I'm pointing out to you on the left that he isn't doing anything for you either but like the sheep you are you follow.

Bruce Fealk said...

Chris, that's not true. The stimulus bill, contrary to the right wing rhetoric, as you will see if you watch the video with Mark Zandi, did keep up from going into a major depression, instead of the current deep recession, brought on by Bush era policies, such as tax cuts for the wealthy and lack of banking regulation.

There is a long list of progressive achievements. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the fact that Gitmo is still open, are not on that list. Regardless of what you think, Chris, I don't expect to get everything I want from a President, contrary to your rhetoric, is clearly a centrist at heart.

I voted for Dennis Kucinich in the primary and would have preferred a true progressive to President Obama. But I do believe he is pursuing a much more progressive agenda than John McCain and Sarah (I put my talking point on my hand) Palin.

Jay-Ney said...

Rachael Maddow is much better then Keith Olbermann that is for sure. He looks just too crazy when he talks. vomamike is great at getting his point across. It was nice to see you put Chris in his place on his own blog,vomamike. Whatever happened to that person dj(something something)? He seems to have a problem debating with the neo cons.

vomamike said...

Chris - I reread your post of 2/10 at 8:16am. There was something about it that stuck with me and I had to return to it to read afresh. It had to do with politicians attending "civil - ground breaking event" whether they supported it or not. I have no independent information to refute your premise, but given the high level of vitriol the Republicans expressed AGAINST the stimulus bill; I find it hard to believe they would abandon that stand to attend a "ground breaking" EXCEPT as a matter of deception to an uncritical media and low information voters. So for Bruce to give this hypocrisy a post, seems fitting to me. It seems to me that as a matter of "principle" all Republicans would boycott any event that gives credence to the concrete results of the stimulus bill. I do not buy your argument that it is "part of their job" to be at these events. So much for principle hey!!!!