Thursday, January 28, 2010

President Obama, The Republicans Aren't Going to Let You in the Car

President Obama must be the last person in the country that believe the Republicans will help him with his agenda. Why does he insist on bipartisanship? I truly don't know why he won't just push through his agenda with the majority the American people gave me last November. If he learned anything by now, he should have learned that Republicans want him to fail. Republicans think fighting against everything Obama wants is their path to electoral success in November.
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vomamike said...

In satire and humor, there must be a kernel of truth to be funny. Stewart hit the nail on the head.

Jay-Ney said...

How funny. But we can't waste time with this kind of shit. It's good filler but we need to step up the war or we will lose it.

Drew said...

Bruce, thank you for adding me to your mailing list. I'm going to try to sign up for the two sites you mentioned, but it looks like it will have to wait until tomorrow at lunch at work. My computer is still giving me fits. If you know anything about them, I'm having some problem with my "security certificate" being revoked ... it just started happening the other day. I have tried re-installing google chrome and now I am trying opera web browser but it doesn't seem to help.

Oh, before I typed all that all I meant to ask was if the video with this blog is playing okay for you. It won't play for me, and I am just wondering if it is my web browser/computer or if it is your link. I am able to get other youtube videos to play.

Dammit, I was hoping to read some more of the blog but I'm going to have to work on my computer. Have a great night and I will be back tomorrow at lunch time!

djtyg said...

The Wonder Years clip had me rolling. I remember seeing that episode when I was a kid.

Bruce Fealk said...

Jay-Ney, the important point in Stewart's satire is that the President shouldn't be playing with the Republicans.

They aren't going to be nice to him, no matter what. They want to destroy him, period, for political gain, instead of solving America's problems.

Jay-Ney said...

We need to stop playing and start fighting. We are too close to just let it die.