Wednesday, January 27, 2010

President Hits a Home Run with American People with State of the Union Address

I'm sure the Republicans won't believe these numbers, but it's overwhelmingly clear that President Obama connected with the American people with last night's State of the Union address.
• 83% of speech watchers approve of the proposals the president made in his speech tonight. 17% Disapprove.

• 70% of speech watchers think Barack Obama shares the same priorities for the country as they do. 57% thought so before the speech.
• 59% of speech watchers think that Barack Obama has a clear plan for creating jobs. 40% thought so before the speech.

• 72% of speech watchers approve of Barack Obama's plans for dealing with government spending. 28% Disapprove.

• 56% of speech watchers think Barack Obama's economic plans will reduce the budget deficit in the long run, and 71% think they will help ordinary Americans.
Put that in your pipe and smoke, Republicans.


vomamike said...

President Obama mentioned a couple things that I just cannot go along with - Nuclear power and coal. There is no such thing as clean coal and there is no such thing as safe nuclear power. These are not "clean energy" things. Aside from that, he gave a good speech. I'm still looking for FDR!!!

Paul said...

Nothing more than soaring rhetoric, meaningless platitudes and empty promises. Of course, according to Bruce and the poll numbers of the sheeple, we should take him at his word. Because we all know that politicians would never stretch the truth.

Bruce Fealk said...

Paul, is that how you felt during George W. Bush's term too?

Mike, I agree with you. I cringed when he mentioned clean coal and nuclear energy. At least he can pronounce nuclear properly. LOL.

I hate the idea of the spending freeze at this point in time. BAD IDEA!!!!!

vomamike said...

Paul - I do not agree with you. Part of a Presidents job is to inspire us. Part of his job is to lay out an agenda as to where our country should go. And while I smart at the term "sheeple", I can't argue with that assessment. Most of the blame for THAT condition lays with our media, but people need to pay better attention to the facts and issues. There was no "meaningless platitudes" or "empty promices" from my persspective. But it is Congress that must do much of what he has called for. That "soaring rhetoric" you mentioned for sure could be applied to most of the conversation coming out of the Republicans mouths - and a few Democrats. While I can understand your cynicism, there comes a time when everyone must believe in something bigger then they are. I believe in the progressive movement and to that end I will continue to remain hopeful.

djtyg said...

He gave a good speech, but a lot of that was stuff he already said on the campaign trail.

Giving a good speech is one thing, getting the agenda enacted is another.

And being willing to fight for it isn't Obama's strong suit.

Chris said...

"Not True" "You Lie" BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA What a funny speech that was. Kiss that Progressive goodbye. Don't forget that Bush and the Democrat Congress got a lot done after the Republicans lost the house. The Democrats sound defieted already.

Chris said...

Oh,crap I agree with djtyg for once.

Bruce Fealk said...

Chris, looks like the vast majority of real Americans disagree with you and agree with the President and his values.

Kiss those Republican victories goodbye.


Drew said...

Ia gree with Bruce. As I stated on Chris's blog, after that speech we are ENERGIZED now!

I hope you don't mind Bruce but I let John have it on Chris's blog. WTF, do those guys have no boundaries? God help us if THEY are the moral compass for this country.

Chris, if you read this, you should ban John from your blog. He is a cancer and will drag it down. I haven't noticed you say anything of the sort, but John is just a vile, hateful individual.

Drew said...

Can anyone say WHY President Obama is staying with Shrub's guy Bernake?

djtyg said...

So Chris, you agree with me when I say that the things Obama are talking about are good ideas and the problem is getting them enacted?

Great. Welcome to liberalism. Now all you have to do is quit acting like you're younger than the kids you claim to be raising.

Jay-Ney said...

Bruce you look fine to me and so does your wife. I think it was mean for them to say you looked like a crackhead or whatever those assholes said.

Bruce Fealk said...

Jay-Nay, my wife wasn't at the event last night, so I don't know who you're talking about.

That's what they do on Chris' blog. They act immature like that and I guess they think it makes them bigger somehow.

I think it shows them up for the immature, small-minded people they really are.

Jay-Ney said...

I thought the lady in the video was your wife. Sorry I must have read it wrong. Fuck those assholes. We just need to hit them back harder then they hit us.