Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Move Your Money to Community Banks

Are you upset about the big bonuses being given out to executives at the big banks that received government bailouts? Are you upset about the new fees being charged on credit cards issued from these same institutions? Then do something about it. Move your money to a community bank. One web site, MoveYourMoney.info will give you the information you need to move your money to a community bank. Click here to find a bank that is based in your home community.

Watch Arianna Huffington on Dylan Ratigan's show talking about the Move Your Money movement.


vomamike said...

Bruce - When I went there they did not mention any credit union banks. In fact they only listed TLC Banks in my locale. You can't get any more local then a credit union.

Bruce Fealk said...

Mike, that may be because they are only putting up banks that offer a B rating or above. For some reason credit unions may not meet that criteria.

Anonymous said...

This is the beauty of the internet. Finally a true democracy of information for the people.

The next step is to listen to Paul Volker and reimpose Glass Steagall. If Wall Street want to gamble, they can do it on their own damn dime!

Great post!

djtyg said...

Credit unions don't qualify as banks at all, which would be why they're not listed. I've had my money in the Oakland County Credit Union for over six months now and they're fantastic. TCF Bank can suck it. TCF gives piss poor service and that's why I quit them. OCCU treats you like a king the moment you walk in the door.

djtyg said...

Did you guys see the parody of that video on The Colbert Report? That was hilarious!

Bruce Fealk said...

Silverfiddle, I completely agree with you on Glass Steagle and gambling with their own money.

Now let's go after the criminals that were in charge of AIG and the big banks for the fraud they perpetrated on the American people.