Tuesday, January 12, 2010

12 Teabaggers Protest Auto Show

If there was any doubt that the teabaggers are not representing the majority of Americans and Michiganians, only the organizer was there after 45 minutes. A couple dozen people finally joined the protest, but certainly not an overwhelming showing from the group that only last summer was able to bring thousands out to protest. Apparently the teabaggers are at war between the various factions of teabaggers.

Now, it looks like the teabaggers are having a convention and it costs $549 to attend at a fancy hotel in Nashville. Sounds like the tea parties have become a profit making venture, more than a grassroots political movement.

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djtyg said...

They really jumped the shark on that one.

vomamike said...

I wonder if any of those that showed up for protest at the auto show because of auto companies bailouts ever did the same at any of the big banks that got a bailout??