Friday, December 4, 2009

The War Expands into Pakistan

Apparently the war has expanded covert operations into Pakistan. Erik Prince, former CEO Blackwater, which changed its name to XE, is now operating inside Pakistan using drone attacks. Erik Prince has now been exposed as a CIA asset and has been in charge of these black operations with no Congressional oversight.

This is a stunning development, especially as President Obama escalates the war in Afghanistan.

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Chris said...

Obama is a bigger warmonger then Bush. And it looks like the Democrats in Congress didn't care one bit. I see the devide in the Democratic party getting even bigger. They will be in the same spot as the Republicans in no time. And in no time the people will turn to the Republicans to save them. Maybe you should start pushing the Green Party or Libertarian Party.

Bruce Fealk said...

Chris, you could well be right, but the Republicans are the all time biggest warmongers and they still have no ideas.

While more people may become independents, I don't see people turning to Republicans.

It may indeed be time for a third party, more liberal than most Democrats and certainly wayyyyyyy more liberal than Republicans.

We had 12 years of Republican rule and they screwed things up in the first place, so Republicans have ZERO credibility when it comes to fixing anything.

Republicans only make things worse on all fronts.

djtyg said...

Yeah, Obama's a bigger warmonger than Bush. That's why Obama started new wars on his watch.

Oh wait, he didn't. He's ending one of Bush's wars and continuing another. I guess in conservative math that would make Obama a bigger warmonger.

As for Prince, no PMC company should be doing covert ops on behalf of the United States. There's a reason even the most hard-headed of libertarians hasn't called for the privatization of the US Army. It's a threat to democracy.

Xe shouldn't even be allowed to exist. Period.

vomamike said...

Chris - you should not take any comfort in the fact that Republicans in Congress vote lock step in line with the RNC or perhaps more realistically in line with Limbaughs version of conservatisism. It would appear that they have decided to oppose ANY legislation eminating from the Democrats - regardless of value. This is no way to run a country. But you are correct to declare that there is a divide within the Democratic Party which would include for practical purposes, Joe Lieberman. They are our DINO. Actually I suspect they have been bought off. I can only hope they face serious challenge in their next primary. But Bruce is right - do not count on any dissatisfaction within the Democratic ranks as an automatic vote for any Republican.

Chris said...

And you three shouldn't take comfort in the fact that the Democrats are now bigger warmongers then the Republicans. The anti war people will not become Republican. They will become Green party. But you guys will still vote for a Democrat even though they vote for war. djdope the Bush surge won the Iraq war. Not Obama. Obama has gone into Pakistan now. So get a grip on reality little buddy.Bruce it hasn't been 12 yrs of Republican rule. For the last 3 yrs Congress is under Democrat rule. Mike a lot of Americans wish the Democrats voted with the Republicans on most of the issues at hand. The Porkulus bill didn't make Americans happy and most Americans don't like what the Democrats have put forth with the health care bill. You on the left are on the wrong side of the issues as far as most Americans think. That is why the Democrats polls are dropping so fast and Republicans and Independents are growing.

Bruce Fealk said...

Chris, you are the worst political prognosticator ever.

Democrats are constantly having to come in to clean up messes made by Republicans. Obama is having to clean up the mess made by Bush, but will you put the blame where it belongs? No, of course not.

Bush ignored Afghanistan for 7 years and spent all of our blood and treasure in Iraq, when NONE of the 9/11 hijackers came from Iraq. Why? Because Iraq has oil. Of course.

You might have seen today, Chris, unemployment dropped, fewer Americans are losing jobs and indeed the stimulus bill did work. I do think it's a good idea for the government to get more involved in creating jobs directly and it looks like that may be what's going to happen.

"In light of the good news in today's jobs report, here's something that the Republican loons who call President Obama a socialist thug should wrap their minds around: since 1959, the average private sector job growth under four-year Democratic administrations is 11.7%. Under Republican administrations, it's 5.4%." Oops. Democrats are actually better at handling the economy than Republicans.

You also may have seen today, Chris, Aetna is dropping 600,000 customers. Why? Because their profit expectations were not met and their stock price fell.

For profit health care is about profits, not people and taking care of their health care needs.

djtyg said...

Chris, aka "Donald", it's no wonder you're brain damaged.

Iraq isn't won. We're still taking casualties. The reason for the decline in violence is because Petraeus figured out that most of the violence done by the insurgents isn't done because of Islamic fundamentalism, it's because the citizens were broke and unemployed. Petraeus started bribing the insurgents to not attack us.

Go back to impersonating other people. It'll help to forget what a miserable failure you are.