Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Anti-war Protest in Detroit

About 150 people gathered at the Federal Building in Detroit today. These are pictures with video to follow tomorrow morning.

Reverend Ed Rowe calls on the faith community to speak out against war and promote peace.

Fox 2 Coverage of Anti-War Protest


Chris said...

At least it was peaceful this time. It looked like a lot of racists protesters to Who organized the protests? Thank God for Fox News or you guys would never be heard. Fair and ballanced.

Bruce Fealk said...

Chris, it was organized by the Detroit Area for Peace and Justice, you know, two words, Peace and Justice, you probably heard about in grade school.

Actually we were covered in the Detroit News, the Detroit Free Press and Fox, so the media coverage was actually pretty good.

There was actually a good mix of young, old, black, white and I'm sure other ethnicities, unlike the tea parties where you had a bunch of old white people.

djtyg said...

You guys notice that the right wingers haven't complained about the cost of the war? They complain about the cost of giving Americans health care, or a stimulus package to put Americans to work, but when it comes to bombing the shit out of something and rebuilding it afterwords, there's barely a peep from the "fiscal conservatives".

I don't even agree with the majority of liberals on Afghanistan, but the hypocrisy of conservatives is astounding.

Chris said...

I did notice that the left only talk about the cost of the war in terms of money more then in terms of lives. But you are the ones that think it's OK to kill a baby in the womb or after. You don't care about the soldiers just the money. Bruce I look for more info on the protests and didn't get much. The left wing blogs aren't saying much either. Dailykos and moveon haven't said anything yet either. Where was MSNBC,ABC,CNN and the other networks you on the left so love?

Bruce Fealk said...

Chris, you are WRONG. We on the left care a great deal about the lives of our soldiers.

Why is it when it comes to health care the right only cares about the cost, but not the people that are dying because they have to health care, but when it comes to war all of a sudden you say you're concerned about the lives of our soldiers?

These were local protests, so I think you'd have to look at the local papers, rather than national news sources. When there is a march in Washington next spring, I would look for national coverage.

Fox covered the tea parties because they were sponsors of the tea parties. Idiot.

djtyg said...

Chris, I am a OIF/OEF vet, you dumb shit.

Besides, DailyKos does a regular series honoring the war dead. You're a shining example that when conservatives are trapped in their own bullshit, they lie and deflect.

What are you going to do now? Cry and pretend to be me some more? Internet fraud is illegal, but it's hilarious to watch you try to be me.

Chris said...

Are you retarded djpyg? When have I ever pretended to be you? And just because you are a vet doesn't mean you give a shit. I can tell that you three are very selfish. djfuk you get cranked up way too easy. Go and smoke some more pot and relax my XL friend. And if something doesn't bother you and you truly think it's funny then why do you bring it up all the time? And if you are going to acuse me of something then where did I pretend to be you? You are like a little money throwing his shit at people.

djtyg said...

Gee, Chris, I don't recall you ever caring about the lives of American servicemembers. I've written on it quite a bit.

As for you pretending to be me, it's okay to deny it. But we all know it's true, "Donald".

Conservatives always love the war and hate the Soldier. When Johnny comes marching home and can't get a job because he's being discriminated against for his veteran status, the conservatives say "Suck it up. Things are tough all over." When a vet wants to go to college, it's the conservatives who vote against the GI Bill. It's the conservatives who cut VA benefits.

Conservatives love war and hate the Soldier. That's why they never complain about the cost of going to war, but they complain about the cost of taking care of the veteran.