Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Arlen Specter Divulges Truth about Bipartisanship

Not that most aware Americans didn't already realize it, but the Republicans never had any intention of cooperating with Democrats in Congress. Senator Arlen Specter who switched parties earlier this year and was in the Republican caucus meetings reveals the inside scoop on how Republicans planned to go after President Obama and Democratic policy and lawmakers in Congress.

I think when it comes straight from the horse's mouth it has extra credibility. Senator DeMint tries to make Specter out to be no credible, but I think he fails in his attempt to discredit Senator Specter.

Despite whining about a lack of bipartisanship, Republicans have no intention of doing what's best for the country. They will do anything, by any means necessary, to try to destroy President Obama and regain power, in spite of their duty to do what's best for the majority of Americans, who favor Democratic policy.


djtyg said...

Republicans and conservatives would rather the country burn to the ground than have even an effective government.

Case in point: Repugs have been keeping the TSA from having a director for months now. It doesn't matter that having a TSA director would be good for national security, they'd rather risk a potential terrorist attack just to make Obama look bad.

vomamike said...

One need only look at the constant efforts by Republicans to block Obama appointments such as the 'hold' Senator DeMint put on his TSA nomination,and the unpresidented 'fillibusters' by Republicans to see their agenda. The question is - are we wise enough to see through it? This diabolical plot by the Right to stymy everything they can - can only succeed if we remain gullible and ignorant. We progressives need to become more engaged - not less.

Anonymous said...

You two are just parrots. Every one of your posts sound the same. djtyg you are a real dimwit if you ask me. Go back and read you old posts and then tell us you sound sharp?

djtyg said...

That's funny, Chris. I don't recall asking you.