Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sean Hannity Apologizes for Fox's "Inadvertent Mistake"

As if there was any doubt already that Fox "News" makes stuff up and that they are NOT journalists, Sean Hannity on his show last night apologized to his audience and admitted that Jon Stewart was right, that Fox used footage from the 9/12 rally in Washington D.C. when talking about Michelle Bachman's "press conference" at the Capitol last week against health care reform. The 9/12 rally had about 60-70,000 people and the "press conference" had about 3-4,000 people, although Republican sources used numbers as high as 1.2 million for Bachman's "press conference" and numbers as high as 1-2 million were used when talking about the 9/12 rally. Those numbers were both gross exaggerations.

Here is the video of Sean Hannity apologizing to his audience.

In other news, CNN personality, Lou Dobbs, resigned from CNN and I'm sure will soon show up on Fox "News" where he belongs with all the other xenophobes.


vomamike said...

Inadvertent my ass! The only surprise is the fact he apologized!

As for Lou Dobbs - figure he will show up on Fox after the first of the year. Now the "water cooler" debate is: will CNN replay him with a real journalist or a Left or Right leaning commentator?

djtyg said...

I'm surprised that he apologized. That's a lot more than to be expected from a conservative.

djtyg said...

They made another "mistake" with Sarah Palin. Check it out at Crooks and Liars.