Saturday, November 14, 2009

I'm Warming Up To John Cherry and Thanks to Gary Peters

Last week the 9th Congressional District hosted by the 9th Congressional District. I've been worried whether Lt. Governor John Cherry was the right man for the job to beat the Republicans in 2010, basically because he's going to have to run on Governor Granholm's record, especially since we have such a high unemployment rate. I don't think much of what has happened to Michigan economy is the governor's fault, but the Republicans will sure try to pin it on her.

The Republicans have a very weak field of candidates. Mike Bouchard lost big time to Debbie Stabenow, and I doubt he can mount a strong statewide campaign. Mike Cox, I believe will be damaged by new information coming out about his involvement in covering up the Manoogian mansion investigation and I think things about his moral lapses will leak out during the campaign.

John Cherry is looking better and better to win election in 2010. John Cherry spoke to the 9th District Democrats last weekend, so I'll share video with you and welcome your thoughts.

Gary Peters also spoke and answered a few questions. He was welcomed to the occasion with applause for his just cast vote on health care reform. Congressman Peters was a late commitment to health care reform. And he read the entire bill, making notes along the way. So, no one can accuse Congressman Peters of not reading or understanding the bill. Thank you Congressman Peters for your vote to reform health care.
Lt. Governor Cherry at the 9th Congressional District Dinner

Gary Peters Addresses Democrats of the 9th Congressional District

Part 2

Part 3

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