Friday, April 4, 2008

David Gorcyca, Oakland's cowardly prosecutor

This is a very interesting piece I found in today's Detroit Free Press. David Gorcyca is under investigation for his possible prosecutorial malfeasance involved in the James Perry case. No wonder he isn't running for re-election.

Oakland's cowardly prosecutor


Greeting you on your return from an out-of-town business trip, your next-door neighbor complains that your teenage son nearly struck her dog early the previous afternoon in your new pickup, which you have expressly forbidden the boy to drive.

Your son vehemently denies borrowing the truck, but you ground him anyway and order him to spend the weekend resealing your deck without fee.

A few hours later, your son's basketball coach and his assistant stop by to protest that your son spent the previous afternoon and evening at an away basketball game, precluding any possibility that he could have been using your truck at the same time.

Should you A) apologize to your son and rescind his punishment? B) explain that you're now uncertain about his guilt and offer to pay him for resealing your deck? Or C) lock them in a closet until your son has finished the free resealing job?

Protecting jurors from the truth

If you chose C), you just might have what it takes to work for Oakland County Prosecutor Dave Gorcyca, who apparently will stop at nothing to avoid admitting that his office may have put an innocent man behind bars.

When we last encountered Gorcyca, he was desperately trying to block a new trial for former kindergarten teacher James Perry, whom the Oakland prosecutor accused of sexually assaulting two young boys in an empty Oak Park elementary school classroom.

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Anonymous said...

Oakland County has been scarred by incompetent courts and controversy since Gorcyca took office. He is at fault but he also had many attorneys and judges who turned a blind eye allowing him to remain in office as long as he has. An ethics citation? Justice would be better served if Gorcyca has federal criminal charges filed against him and he then is sentenced to jail time. Likely after all the hoop-la he will get a slap on the wrist. The real damage will be the end to his wife, Lisa Gorcyca’s judicial aspirations.

Anonymous said...

Thank God.

Anonymous said...

I am still wondering how David Gorcyca got away with his bias and self serving conduct for so long without a peep from a single person. Objective prosecution by his office have been almost non-existent since the first day he took office. Where is this county's checks and balances of our courts!!!

Anonymous said...

Gorcyca is slime.

Anonymous said...

Might what a fine example of intellectual cripples.

Anonymous said...

She'll be elected, and will nifong from the bench. He'll get a slap on the wrist. Nothing will change.

Anonymous said...

Has she even apologized for what her husband did to James Perry?

Anonymous said...

Nope. Mrs. Nifong is now a circuit court judge and even the Free Press is pretending that this is perfectly acceptable.

Anonymous said...

The cowardly prosecutor . . . I would of used the word corrupt prosecutor is back in the news with his ethics violation charges reinstated. I was thinking it was the Michigan Supreme Court that had originally filed the complaint against Gorcyca. That was pretty bold the Attorney Grievance Commision slightly the top judges of the state and thinking it was OK. Keep us posted on this. There is more to the story than what the paper are reporting.