Thursday, April 3, 2008

Naomi Wolf at OU last night

There were about 100 people last night at Oakland University to hear Naomi Wolf talk about The End of America, Letters to a Young Patriot. Naomi went through the 10 steps that always lead to a totalitarian society. America has already gone through all ten steps and is well on its way, incrementally, to becoming a totalitarian society. That's why this next election is so important and why it's also important to become active as individuals. It will take millions of us all rising up together to stop what has begun under the Bush administration.

We can't be lazy Americans any more and take our democracy for granted. We have to get out in the streets and protest what is well underway. It started slowly in Germany, Italy, Chile and other countries where fascism eventually took over. If we do nothing as citizens, we know what the result will be under a unitary executive presidency.

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