Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Michigan Job s at Stake: Pass Granholm's Renewable Energy Plan Now

It's time for action in the Michigan legislature on a renewable energy requirement and the time to act is now. Governor Granholm is right, that delays will cost good paying jobs in Michigan. Let's get behind the Governor and demand action from the Republicans in the state Senate.

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Mitch said...

So the Gov finally sticks her swan-like neck out for the environment? A little late, me thinks. Where was this speech last year when bills were introduced and then buried in Committee? It's not just the GOP this time, although the GOP should forever hang their head in shame. Both parties are bent over with utility money sticking out of their hole. Where are the champions who care about the future of Michigan? Certainly not this gutless bunch of sycophants we call a Legislature. How many days will Rep.Accavitti go after his term is up before he takes a "consulting" job with a Big Utility? How long can Sen. Patterson say " We are not intentionally delaying this" with a straight face?
Let's throw the bums out and start over! A chamber full of ham sandwiches could not do any worse to this state.