Wednesday, February 27, 2008

How Greeen is Joe?

Today's Metro Times has an article, "How Green is Your Candidate?" Mike Brownfield, Joe Knollenberg's campaign manager feels Joe is being unfairly graded.

But Mike Brownfield, Joe Knollenberg's (R-Bloomfield Hills) campaign manager, says the league's scorecard is.

"This is just another politically motivated hit job by a group with a long-standing record of attacking Republicans," he says. Knollenberg has supported cleaning up the Rouge River, protecting the Great Lakes and improving Oakland County's drinking water during his career — actions and positions that are not reflected in the league's scorecard. "Frankly, it's shocking that they don't consider any of that work," Brownfield says.

To read the National Environmental Scorecard for 2007, go to

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Mitch said...

20%! That has to be a mistake! Other national environmental groups have him much lower. Everyone knows that Bush has been the worst President on environmental issues in history and Dirty Joe voted with him 95% of the time.