Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lennox Lies to Senate Committee

Yesterday I attended the Michigan Senate Hearing on funding for higher education. (Click here for the story in the Saginaw News.) Dennis Lennox appeared with a couple of his friends. Dennis made a 12 minute presentation to the committee, asking the committee to delay any funding increase for CMU based on his complaint that Gary Peters should not be running for Congress and holding a teaching position at the same time. Unbelievably, Lennox said that his campaign wasn't political, even though he's held press conferences with Saul Anuzis, Chair of the Michigan Republican Party.

I also had a chance to testify and brought up the point that all 3 major candidates for President of the United States are holding publicly funded jobs as Senators and are running for President, with no complaints from the U.S. citizenry. I also brought with me and mentioned to the committee that the CMU budget for Peters' position is $0. It is funded by a private endowment.

I made this little video.

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