Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tea Party Not a Factor in Tuesday's Elections

From all the media attention they have garnered for the last year, it seems the reality is that the teabagger movement is not as powerful as they try to make themselves out to be. Sarah Palin is getting herself in trouble with the teabaggers. She just endorsed the Republican Senatorial candidate in California, Carli Fiorina and the teabaggers are pisses at her. None of the teabag party candidates won on Tuesday's House and Senate primaries. All the incumbents won.

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1 comment:

vomamike said...

Perhaps the Tea Party is not as big a factor as some would have you believe, but none the less, there is a very strong anti-incumbent mood - which is like throwing the baby out with the bath water. I fear the anti big government mentality rather than the real threat - big business - is the driving force. This next election may very well cement the oligarchy we have been heading toward for the last 30 plus years. So sad for all of us!