Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wow, Beck is going after Christians now

Glenn Beck isn't content going after the Obama administration and liberals. Now he's going after churches that talk about social justice or economic justice. Some Christians are now calling for a boycott of Becks's show on television and radio. Jim Wallis called on Christians to leave Glenn Beck. I wonder how Christians will respond to this latest rant by Beck.

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vomamike said...

Beck is a nut. Anyone who doesn't think that has serious intellectual problems to begin with.

Chris said...

Beck is not going after Christians. He is going after the progessive Churches. Big difference Bruce. Your hatred for everything Christian shines through on your posts. Mike I'm suprised you fell for that line,but you buy anything Bruce is selling even though you are a Christian.

Bruce Fealk said...

Wow, Chris, you are unbelievable. So only conservative Christians are welcome in Glenn Beck's circle?

I think you need to watch the video again, Chris. One of the main precepts of the Bible is social and economic justice.

Why do you want to say progressive Christians are not real Christians?

Since when do you have to be a conservative to be a Christian?

vomamike said...

Chris - I have been following Beck's antics for a decade. And he seems to be getting more bizarre by the day. He drinks his own kool aid. When you refer to "progressive churches" - are you saying those that follow the teachings of Christ? Perhaps Beck - and you need to spend a little more time reading the Gospels. Even the Mormon Church - his church - has admonished him.