Friday, March 12, 2010

Visited Congressman Kildee and Schauer Yesterday

Yesterday was a great day. I drove to Flint to join a group of health care activists and we visited with Congressman Kildee's staff. Tiffany Flynn informed us that Congressman Kildee is NOT one of the so-called Stupak 12 and he will vote for health care reform in the House.

I also had an interesting encounter with a little 7 or 8 year old boy outside Kildee's office. He seemed to have all the answers on health care.

Tiffany Flynn, Congressman Kildee's district rep, brought us up to date on the health care bill and told us that there will most likely be a vote in the House next week before Easter break and a bill could be on the President's desk before Easter. It looks like the public option is making a comeback too. Senator Bernie Sanders intends to introduce a public option amendment and he says there are 53 votes for it, which if true would mean it would pass in reconciliation.
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