Saturday, March 6, 2010

Glenn Clark is a BIG FAT LIAR!!!

Last night outside our private event in Rochester Hills, the Teabaggers held a rally along Rochester Road. Of course, the media didn't bother to come inside to hear Congressman Gary Peters address his constituents about health care. I guess the protesters were a better story.

However, what the corporate media didn't bother to report are the lies that Glenn Clark, Republican 9th Congressional District Chair, fed to the eager lapdogs at Fox News. Glenn said the Democratic health care plan was a "government takeover" of health care. That's a lie. In fact, as currently written, America's health insurance companies stand to get 30 million new customers.

Glenn also said the "health care scheme" is going to take away our health care rights and options. LIE! Come on, Glenn. Can't you tell the truth just once?

Glenn also seemed to imply that under the Democratic plan we might not be able to see specialists. LIE! Why doesn't the corporate media challenge these lies from Republicans?


Chris said...

If it's a lie prove it Bruce. Just because you call it a lie you should have to back up what you say. Bruce 20 people at a meeting is nothing compaired to the number that protested the event. It sucks to be you. hahahahaha

Bruce Fealk said...

Chris, can't your read. We had 50 people, not 20. It's always easier to get people to get out and say no, than to do something positive to solve a real problem for real Americans.

No is not an idea, Chris.

Silverfiddle said...

Liar? Like the man who said he would ban lobbyists from the White House, then proceeded to hire a bunch of them? Like that?

Bruce Fealk said...

Not like that at all Silverfiddle.

This is lying to scare people and using a misinformation campaign to try to get enough gullible Americans to be afraid of health care reform.

You are a unique brand of liars.

vomamike said...

Unique to this current political period, it the unprecedented negative campaigning against everything - and I do mean everything - that is proposed by Obama and the Democrats. The only anomaly, which is actually representative of nearly normal bipartisanship, is the fact that the House of Representatives has sent nearly 300 bills to the Senate. Some of this legislation had bipartisan support. So it is our Senate that is the bottleneck, and uniquely suited to reflect the highly negative campaign the GOP has launched - along with some DINO.

So it is not the tyranny of the majority, but the tyranny of the minority that we are experiencing. There has been an open decision to politically oppose all that comes from the Left, irrespective of the value of the legislation. I've noticed that in our point counter point posts, nothing proposed by the Left is ever considered value. Further I've noticed that almost nothing proposed by the Right contains constructive value - only negative reflection on what the Left proposes. So no matter what values that are proposed by the Left - they are automatically opposed by the Right. Hardly a good way to run a country, but that is the course you on the Right have chosen. I do not thing that portents well for our country. But we shall see.

Silverfiddle said...

Here's a lie for you: The health care bill pays for itself. Technically it is true because they slash medicare reimbursements.

Then, in a separate bill, they will un-slash those reimbursement to the doctors, which is how the AMA got on board.

They demonize insurance, but carve out an exception for AARP to make billions in supplemental insurance, which is how they got that lobbying organization or board.

There is plenty of lying all around. Wake up and grow up. It's no better when you guys do it. Lying is lying. Open your eyes.

vomamike said...

Silverfiddle - so many compromises that the original intent of health care reform itself seems compromised. If it had been up to me, we would have had Medicare for all - cradle to grave. But you refuse to see that doing nothing will only make it worse. There are good components in these bills. We shall see.