Friday, March 19, 2010

Chris Matthews takes on Tim Phillips of Americans for Prosperity

I've used this video of the man with Parkinson's disease in a prior post, but on Hardball with Chris Matthews, interviewing Tim Phillips of American for Prosperity, Chris takes on one of the groups behind the tea party demonstrations. This is quite possibly the most callous display I've ever seen, a tea bagger throwing money at the man on the ground telling him there's nothing free "in this party of town."

Phillips doesn't condone what a couple of men did in the video, but tries to make the case that the man with Parkinson's disease should join the tea party movement because with the "government takeover" of health care he may not be deemed worth treating.

HOGWASH!!!! Phillips is an out and out liar and he knows it, but he has a client to represent. Where does AFP get their money? No on knows. They don't have to reveal where their money comes from. The clip speaks for itself.

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vomamike said...

The shrinks call it "mob mentality". It has been the source for lynching, anarchy, riots and of course "mob rule". The Right claims there has not been any violence at tea party gatherings - and that may well be true. However, there is little if any, rationale thinking either. Devoid is compassion and empathy. In its place is hate, paranoia and unhealthy dollops of bigotry, racism, misogyny, & religious intolerance. With the help of of Hannity, Riley, Limbaugh, & Beck, the ginning up of a mob mentality - well it is only a matter of time before the worse happens.

Ya know, it is not the opposition to progressive ideals that bothers me, but the method by which they attempt to garner support. They truly appeal to the dark side of our nature. If there ever was a characature that symbolize this affect, it would have to be Darth Vader.