Monday, February 1, 2010

Roger Ailes Called Out Over Beck Incitement

Roger Ailes, of Fox News, made a mistake yesterday, and he was exposed for the lying ideologue he is and the "news" station that he heads. Arianna Huffington and Paul Krugman were on the panel with him and Huffington went after Ailes on the language used on Glenn Beck's show and Ailes tried to defend Beck, whose language and theatrics are indefensible. In another exchange Ailes was called out for Fox "News" consistently broadcasting misinformation, such as in the health care reform coverage, by Paul Krugman, calling it a "government takeover" of the health care system.

Fox "News" is NOT a news organization. They are a propaganda unit for the Republican party. They need to be called out as often as possible for their misinformation and lies.


vomamike said...

The sad thing is how many people buy into their Right Wing spin. They - Fox Noise - does the journalistic equvalent of photo chopping and selective editing of news. They are as "fair and balanced" as the Russian mafia. Half of MEDIA MATTERS & FACTCHECK.ORG seems devoted to corrections of their lies and selective reporting. The only nut worse then Ailes is Murdock himself. And the only nut worse then Murdock is Dick Cheney.

Anonymous said...

Fox news is the most trusted news source in America.

Say what you want about them, but they have real debates with real conservatives and real liberals who know how to argue their point of view.

Bruce Fealk said...

Fox "News" is full of shit.

vomamike said...

Silverfiddle - "most trusted" ? - from where do you derive that opinion that Fox Noise is the most trusted?? Have you ever fact checked them ever?? A news organization is suppose to be unbiased save commentary or editorials - they sure fail that measure. It is very debateable as to whether they have "real" debates between liberals and conservatives. I have watched those so called debates when they have Mike Papatone on - selective use of the microphone to override his liberal comments. I suspect you have a lot to learn about what "real" debates are like. I know REAL DEBATES and Fox Noise does not do REAL DEBATES!!!!

Jay-Ney said...

Beck has that bat to show what they will do to us. We need to strike first. And no djtyg I'm not saying to beat the shit out of them. Even though you and I both have thought about it. LOL. said...


I love it.

MSNBC is as much if not more "left" than Fox News is "right". But for some reason, the hard leftists can't understand freedom of speech and want it banned at all costs. The left has every other major news network and affiliate, but since they disagree with Fox, they demonize it. Brilliant.

Tell me with a straight face that Shephard Smith is "right wing propoganda" and not news. If you do, you simply read what has to say and you don't make an informed decision on your own.

And for that matter, Beck hates the far right more than most lefties I have met (have you watched an entire week of him before you blab how bad he is? I highly doubt it).

Bruce Fealk said...

DetroitBoard, you are just plain wrong. Fox News and their opinion shows are so far right, they can barely stay upright.

Fox has been shown to be such a bad journalism outfit that they literally make stuff up to fit their agenda, which is to promote the Republican agenda.

MSNBC criticizes the Democrats on a regular basis and if you really watch Olbermann and Maddow and Ed Schultz, they are very fair with their guests and give summaries of the story and always ask the guest if they have summarized the premise correctly.

Beck is nothing but a hate monger and he is not fair in going after the right wing at all. You have to be crazy to think that.

Beck is a complete loon and not a very bright one at that.

Beck's speech is like yelling fire in a crowded theater. You can what you will about Schultz, Olbermann and Maddow,but they don't incite anyone to violence. like Beck and O'Reilly do on a regular basis.