Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Republicans Vote Against Their Own Legislation

There is something really astounding going on in Washington. Here's an example. The Republicans proposed a deficit reduction commission. Six Republicans co-sponsored it. President Obama embraced it. When it came time for a vote on the legislation, all six Republicans that had co-sponsored the bill voted against it.

How can President Obama even talk about bipartisanship when Republicans vote against legislation they proposed and co-sponsored?

This interview with Barney Frank goes through several of the hypocritical positions of the Republicans. Republicans can't have it both ways. Say they're for bipartisanship, then vote against bills that they supported before the final vote.

The Republicans only want one thing, to defeat President Obama in 2012 and take back power in 2010. How are they going about it? A total ban on yes votes on Democratic legislation. Watch this video and learn, Chris, Christopher, John, et al.

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1 comment:

vomamike said...

That the Republicans would vote against legislation they previously wanted, is no great surprise. After all, they are the Party of NO. But what is really stupid - people who vote for them!!