Saturday, February 27, 2010

Republican Congressman - "Black people were better off as slaves"

Why are there so many Republicans that make really stupid, racist remarks like this?
"In this country, we had slavery for God knows how long. And now we look back on it and we say "How brave were they? What was the matter with them? You know, I can’t believe, you know, four million slaves. This is incredible." And we’re right, we’re right. We should look back on that with criticism. It is a crushing mark on America’s soul. And yet today, half of all black children are aborted. Half of all black children are aborted. Far more of the African American community is being devastated by the policies of today than were being devastated by the policies of slavery. And I think, What does it take to get us to wake up?"

That's what he said, really. You can watch the video. And people actually voted for this guy. It's beyond comprehension that anyone this stupid could get one vote, much less enough to be elected to high public office.


vomamike said...

It is a testimont to the ideological divide that abortion protesters will go to to validate their anti abortion stand.

Anonymous said...

Oh! The Outrage!
The man is making an ironic point. This is why we can't have a discussion in this country that goes beyond talking points and platitudes.

Thomas Sowell observed that an ironic outcome of the horror of slavery is that the average American of African descent is way better off than the average African.

We observe, we learn. The real world is ugly. If people can't accept that then they should just crawl under a rock.

Paul said...

"It's beyond comprehension that anyone this stupid could get one vote.." No, what's beyond comprehension is your ignorance. Bruce, let me state this empathetically, CONTEXT, CONTEXT, CONTEXT.

Maybe you need to go back and listen to the video again. He was making a comparison to current polices that lead blacks to abort 50% of their pregnancies and the policies in effect during slavery. We can debate, if you like, as to which policies were more dehumanizing and destructive, but in the end his premise is valid.

Bruce Fealk said...

Paul, there is not context for this idiotic statement. For anyone to say African Americans were better off under slavery is moronic, no matter the context.

Paul said...

Again, listen to the video, he didn't say they were better off, he said that far more of the black community are being devastated by current policies. Also, you may to to pose the choice to the aborted fetus, oh wait, you can't.

The fact of the matter is Bruce, whether you like it or not, given the choice between slavery or death, the answer isn't as clear as you think. Silverfiddle has put the issue into the proper CONTEXT, unfortunately that fact has also escaped you.

vomamike said...

Paul - to equate a body count difference with pre vs post abortion rights as equal to quality of life for the black community is ridiculous. One of the freedoms the offspring of former slaves received - was the freedom of choice. That is the only "context" that is rational.

Jay-Ney said...

Fuck you. If you think that we are better off here then in Africa you are a fucking retard. Go down to Detroit or Flint and see if it is better then Africa. Mark my words you will see a race riot like never before. And it will put you in your place. Obama is here to save the black man and our way of life. The IC(inner city) is boiling over and unemplyment is running out. When that happens there will blood in the streets because the burbs isn't helping us blacks.

Anonymous said...

Jay: If it's better in Africa, go there!

If it sucks in the "IC" LEAVE!!!

I am a rust belt refugee. I hated leaving back when I was 17, but now I thank God that Papa Silverfiddle told me to run like hell, and I haven't looked back.

If you're waiting for a politician for deliverance, you're going to be waiting for a long time.

You are exhibit A for just how f***ed up government, politicians and their sh*tty promises are.

If you don't do for yourself, nobody will do it for you. Are you a victim or are you a responsible human being?

vomamike said...

Silverfiddle - "No man is an island" (author's name escapes me right now). Point is, that in a thousand ways, the skids of life have been greased by innumerable programs and laws that have help make your efforts more successful. You truly could not have done it all on your own.

I could not argue with you about politicians - if one does a broad brush of criticism. The irony is that perhaps one of your criticisms regarding a particular politician might be my praise. It is the nature of a democracy. (please, no nit picking about difference between a democracy vs republic) But I submit it isn't government that should have the brunt of our ire, but big business. Their greed and avarice to we citizens is at the core of almost all that ails us. I guess I have to emphasize "big business" for make no mistake, I'm all for the "mom & pop" industries, which unfortunately are being stifled by big business. Some of what the tea party patriots rail against is valid - problem is they blame government when the real enemy is the multi-national corporations.

To big to fail means too big to exist in my mind. If the tea party movement wants to capture more of the hearts of the people, then they have to recognize the real enemy in their mists - the paid shills of people like the Koch brothers - multi billionaires - who have been manipulating behind the scenes to control the tea party and direct their efforts against reform and accountability.

Paul said...

"But I submit it isn't government that should have the brunt of our ire, but big business. Their greed and avarice to we citizens is at the core of almost all that ails us."

Close to 100% completely wrong! Herein lies what is probably the greatest impediment to us solving the problems we face. The fact of the matter is that government policies, not big business is responsible for our dire consequences. Whether by the hand of excessive taxation, regulatory nightmares, the actions of the Federal Reserve and the obvious corruption of numerous politicians, the problems of our society will almost always trace back to government.

In the most simple terms, no "greedy" businessman can make you do anything against your will, that ability is left to the State and only them. So why do the uninformed masses buy the argument that big business and corporations are the problem?

One, because politicians and a complicit media are very good at portraying those that serve in government as benevolent and the businessman as only advancing his own self-interest. Never mind that each and every one of us act in accordance with the same mantra, including our self-serving politicians.

Two, profit has become so demonized in society, that the economically-challenged among us have no idea its importance in creating all the amazing products and services that impact our lives. It represents the ultimate reason why entrepreneurs and businessman get out of bed every morning in a "self-serving" attempt to please their fellow man and earn their business. Their voluntary business, I might add.

Finally, blaming businessmen is a convenient excuse for individuals who aren't interested in actually spending the time required to learn about the inner working of economics, politics and public policy.

I will grant you that big business is a partner in a number of issues that impact our country, under the auspicious connection known as "crony capitalism". It's an economic system where the marketplace is substantially shaped by a cozy relationship among government, big business and big labor. Under crony capitalism, government bestows a variety of privileges that are simply unattainable in the free market, including import restrictions, bailouts, subsidies and loan guarantees. But, everyone of these "favors" have their roots in government. And before you start in about the bribes offered by businessmen to gain these privileges, remember, if politicians weren't in the business of granting favors, every single issue mentioned would be moot. Again, only politicians have the legal authority to enact policy to the determent of the general populace.

vomamike said...

Paul - you can drink the cool-aid of "laissez Faire Capitalism" all you want, but I disagree with your assessment. The fact that it is a failure lies in the present predicament we find ourselves in. I had intended to pick apart your argument, piece by piece - but decided it would be an exercise in futility. Besides it is way off the initial subject matter of this post.

Paul said...

Translation: "I got nothing!"

Nice surrender!

Jay-Ney said...

Capitalism is no good. It hasn't worked in over 300 years. Now is the time for the new socialist progressive movement to be given a try. What harm is there changing to a more socialist country?

vomamike said...

Paul - surrender? - hardly!! But there are moments when you evaluate who you are aguing with, and then make a subjective decision to end what you consider a dead end on debate. This was one of those times for me. And, as I said, it was leading us too far astray of the original argument of the post.

vomamike said...

Jay-Ney - Have you ever heard the expression "too much of a good thing"? Neither pure socialism nor pure capitalism is a good thing in my opinion. The former fosters dependence and stifles growth. The latter inhibits democracy and movement for the common good. Thom Hartman said it best when he stated that he didn't want government making his lawnmowers and computers, but saw it as necessary to protect us with such things as our roads, water supply, police, etc, etc. He used the term "the commons". WE should control such things as "the commons" but leave the rest to private enterprise. Common sense and a balanced perspective - wow, what a novel idea!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jay: Your statement about capitalism is ignorant. No wonder you are unhappy. Life expectancy 300 years ago was around 50 years old.

It has worked especially well in this country. I have traveled the world and I can tell you we have the richest, fattest, most comfortable poor people in the world. Air conditioning, automobiles, internet, cable tv with HBO! The average poor person does not live this well even in the Social democrat paradise of western Europe.

I suggest, Jay that you immigrate to the socialist paradise of Cuba. Put up with life there for a few years then report back to us.

Voma: I hear ya, but I agee with Paul. A business is in business to make money. Period. It does so by providing goods and services people want or need.

It games the system via crony capitalism. Who's fault is that? The politicians and the voters who continue to elect them.

It is the responsibility of the government to put rules in place and enforce them. Not for the good of businesses, but for the good of the nation's economy and the people. Our demican and republicrat government has failed in this respect.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Franks knows nothing about Slavery or Abortion. I'm sure if he had his druthers he'd enslave and abort as many as his could...

This is akin to claiming the Japanese of today should thank the Americans for dropping the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki because the descendants (who lived) crafted a better life.

Next Republicans will demand the Jews thank their benefactors in Germany for strengthening them.