Sunday, December 6, 2009

Strong Evidence the Stimulus Bill is Working

Right wingers have been touting for months that the $787 billion stimulus bill that was passed withing days of the President taking office hasn't worked. Well, guess what, they're wrong. This report by ABC News has some doubters that have changed their minds and are now convinced the President and the Democratic Congress did the right thing by passing the stimulus bill.


vomamike said...

And it would have been sooner and better if we hadn't tried to placate the Republicans with tax breaks which have done little to nothing to bring us out of the bad recession.

djtyg said...

The right-wingers will still make some excuse for their false claim that the stimulus didn't work. It doesn't matter what Obama does, they'll give him all of the blame and none of the credit.

Good story, though.

djtyg said...

Forgot to add:

I don't know why the right-wing has become so hostile towards public service employees. They think cutting the bonuses of Wall Street workers is tyranny, yet they're fine with firefighters, teachers, police officers, and other public servants taking a pay cut.

We need more public works projects, not less. We have cities in need of more cops and firefighters, we need smaller classrooms to deal with an increasing population, and we our roads need to get fixed, and we have a whole list of problems that our governments, federal, state, and local that need to get to work on.

vomamike said...

djtyg - You are so "right on"!! As a retired federal employee, I have seen us having to battle those Righties for my whole career. And the battle has not ended. They now are trying to take back the entitlements we spent generations achieving.

djtyg said...

Thanks, Mike. I'm ashamed of the grammatical errors I made, though. My apologies.

Still, the point remains that we have a crumbling infrastructure that we need to be putting our tax dollars into improving. Even new ideas, like a national wireless internet program, an increase in renewable resources, and other projects can put us ahead of other countries such as Japan in terms of technology.

These things are worth the use of our tax dollars. Not only will they create jobs, but will push our country ahead of others in terms of technological advantages.

The hostility towards the public sector needs to go. Public sector employees, especially the military, teachers, and first responders, all do work that's deserving of strong pay and benefits.