Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fox "News" Should Lose Its License for This

Who knew Jon Stewart and his team at The Daily Show would become real investigative journalists. Last night Jon Stewart did a piece that catches Sean Hannity and his producers, while talking with Michelle Bachman about a recent "press conference", using footage of the crowd from the 9/12 rally, that had 60-70,000 people at it and show that footage while talking about the "press conference" from last week.

A real news organization just doesn't do things like that, and that's another reason why Fox is not a real news organization. They don't report real news. They are as much a fake news show as The Daily Show, only Jon Stewart does it by design. Fox "News" does it by design too, but the design is to mislead its viewers.


vomamike said...

We know that Fox Noise is an infotainment medium geared to the Right - so why is anyone surprised they would doctor the video?

djtyg said...

The irony is that the Daily Show claims it's fake news and yet it's more real than Fox.