Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Carrie Prejean Gives Hannity Masturbation Interview

Now, this is just plain funny. Sean Hannity interviews Carrie Prejean about her "sex" tape. Her excuse, well, I was all alone and I did it for my boyfriend. Apparently the boyfriend decided to sell the tape, not much class, I have to admit.

This is what happens when a real journalist interviews the same person and asks real questions.


vomamike said...

Normally, I wouldn't give two thoughts to her or her views or her actions, but obviously Fox and Hannity want to elevate it to a national level. I certainly don't think much of the man who released the tape. I guess chivalry is dead.

But a greater issue is here. Of all the criticisms I can lodge at Fox; right up there is the pandering they do to the crasser side of human nature. This is not the first time Fox has catered to the soft porn side of news and gossip. If there was ever an example of "yellow journalism" it would be Fox Noise!!

Chris said...

You love attacking anyone that doesn't agree with you and your views and then you cry when it happens to you.