Monday, November 30, 2009

Afghan Children Ask President Obama Not to Escalate War in Afghanistan

I found this very moving video today and I want to share it with all of you. Tomorrow, Tuesday, December 1, 2009, President Obama is going to speak to the nation. He is expected to tell us he is deploying another 35,000 troops to Afghanistan. Even though President Obama think Afghanistan is the "good war" this will be a disastrous policy, every bit as disastrous as the expansion of the war in Viet Nam by President Johnson.

We have been at war in Afghanistan for 8 years and we are no closer to victory, whatever that is, than we were when we started. No country has ever waged a successful war in Afghanistan, which is costing us $1 million per soldier per year. The government is corrupt and we are supporting a government that is not capable of raising up a national army. Afghanistan is a deeply tribal country. Generals always want more troops, but increasing our military footprint there will only make the Taliban stronger.

President Obama, it is time to leave Afghanistan.


vomamike said...

It would appear that Obama is listening to the Hawks and not the doves. The more I learn about Afghanistan, the more I am convinced that we should get out now.

vomamike said...

And now we have confirmed information that the Bush Regime deliberately let Ben Laudin escape at Tora Bora. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see why - it was to smooth the way for the invasion of Iraq.

Chris said...

Is that all you could find is 5 people? I would have thought there were more Afghans that felt that way. I did find a lot of videos that said the opposit of your video. It would be nice if the media would let us know what the people of Afghanisan wanted. Because if they want the
Taliban when we leave they will get what they want or we can never leave. Iraq the people loved us. The Iraqi people are happy we are following the Bush pull out.

Bruce Fealk said...

Chris, here's the problem with your logic. We will leave some day, though I'm not sure when that day will come. And when we do leave, the Taliban will still be there and there still won't be an Afghan army.

So, whether it's 2011 or 2015 or 2020, the Taliban will again be in control of Afghanistan. There is no hope that there will ever be an Afghan national army.

Afghanistan is a deeply tribal country and their loyalties are to their tribes, not the central government, if you can even call the Karzai government that.

vomamike said...

Chris - I guess one could say Obama is "roughly" following the Bush plan of "surge". But there are plenty of significant differances between the plans. I still am not convinced that what Obama is planning is the best course of action.

But for you to claim anyone in Iraq or Afghanistan is happy to see us there - i have to wonder what cool aid are you drinking? Just ask yourself - would I be happy to see a hundred thousand French troops occuping the United States? Would you tea party advocates who just so dispise our system of government and the present governing people invite say Canada to come into our country and oust them? You guys on the Right need to start thinking more with your head and less with your gonads.