Friday, October 23, 2009

Glenn Clark is an Ass

Back in August, Marty Knollenberg held a town hall meeting at Troy High School. Outside, Glenn Clark, Republican 9th District chair, was having a conversation with Will Molnar, who is running for Troy City Council. Will was wearing a name tag identifying him as a county commissioner. Will is a former commissioner, and therefore, in my opinion, has the right to identify himself as a commissioner for the rest of his life, much as former U.S. Senators and Representatives are referred to as Senator or Representative for life.

I happen to have video of the confrontation between Glenn Clark and Will Molnar.

Here is part of the article from today's Oakland Press:
Of The Oakland Press

Glenn Clark, the conservative chairman of the 9th Congressional District Republicans, says Will Molnar is misrepresenting himself as a county commissioner in his race for Troy City Council.

“Molnar has been introducing himself to voters as a county commissioner while he campaigns for council,” Clark said Thursday. “It is simply fraudulent for him to do so, a total lie perpetrated upon voters of our good city.”

Clark accuses Molnar of wearing a county commission badge while he campaigns and introducing himself as a county commissioner at a health care town hall meeting in August hosted by state Rep. Marty Knollenberg, R-Troy.

Molnar served one term on the county commission as a Republican before he was defeated in 2006 by term-limited Republican state lawmaker Robert Gosselin.
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Edmund said...

Wow, cause God forbid the name badge is a matter of public security. While State budgets for Policing by the GOP to keep their own Office budgets in tact, the Police would have plenty of time to handle a situation about a name badge "owned by the county". How about some of the State Legislators in the 9th District Republican Party have individuals on the County Taxpayer Payroll to campaign for them throughout the year. Someone make that phone call please.