Thursday, October 22, 2009

Democrats Favor Paying Living Wage on County Construction Projects

Oakland County Commissioner, Tim Greimel, introduced a resolution that would require all contractors working on county construction project over $10,000, pay a living wage. Of course, Republicans are opposed to this move, as we've come to expect from the current crop of anti-middle class Republicans. You wouldn't think anyone could be against paying workers enough money to buy the necessities of life, would you?
Oakland County Commissioner Tim Greimel, D-Auburn Hills, hopes his county will follow Wayne and Macomb and adopt a policy that pays a prevailing wage on all county construction projects costing more than $10,000.
"The principal is simple: When tax dollars are used for a construction project, the construction project should pay people a decent average wage in the industry," said Greimel, whose proposal faces a key test this morning, when the county's finance committee is to take it up. The panel has five Democrats and seven Republicans -- none of the GOP members have backed the idea.
Critics insist it will increase costs, but Greimel said that would be true only if the county currently is paying substandard wages. Greimel's proposal essentially would require workers to be paid union scale.
"If it increases costs to pay people a decent wage, so be it," Greimel said.
Deputy County Executive Gerald Poisson said many projects already are done by union contractors, but the administration doesn't want it required because it would keep nonunion firms from bidding.
"We'll oppose it," Poisson said. "The right to compete has served Oakland well for years." Click here to read the rest of the story.


vomamike said...

Hey those non-union companies can still qualify - just pay their workers a living wage - what is so hard about that?

Anonymous said...

If you're not going to pay an employee a wage that meets basic needs, how can you expect them to keep the electric on so the alarm clock goes off in the morning?

pwreid said...

Republicans seem to be supporting the hiring of undocumented workers when they don't want to pay a living wage.

Anonymous said...

@pwreid - Reptards don't pay U.S. citizens a living wage AND they hire undocumented workers.

Edmund said...

If the GOP is hiring undocumented workers, then they need to close up shop on that whole Immigration Reform "PUT A WALL UP" Agenda.