Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Current Health Care Legislation Won't Help Lots of Us

The Michael Moore movie, Sicko, featured several Americans who were suffering at the hands of the health insurance companies. This video goes through everyone that was featured in the movie and whether the current health care legislation would make a difference in the lives of American Sickos. To a person, the answer is no, there is nothing in any of the bills pending in Congress that would really take care of the health care crisis facing America.


vomamike said...

Is a half loaf better than none? If the Dems grew a spine would that help? Has money so corrucpted Congress, we the people can't get help? Should we have started with single payer from the start? i wish I had a dime for every "would of - could of - should of"

Bruce Fealk said...

Mike, truthfully, I don't know. We need a pubic option, at a minimum, that starts immediately. I believe, and I could be wrong, most or all 5 of the current bills do not have a public option until 2013. That is a MAJOR flaw.

Yes, we should have started with single-payer, no question.