Friday, December 12, 2008

Governor Granholm 12/12 Press Conference

Governor Granholm held a press conference this afternoon after the Senate Republicans voted down a bridge loan to save 3 million good paying, union jobs. The Republicans' war on the middle class is about to be successful at destroying the middle class in America for good. The Senate Republicans and all those that support this position can go to hell, as far as I'm concerned.


Chetly Zarko said...

Go to hell? I thought you weren't religious, Bruce? Aside from that, you're position reeks of the very intolerance you'd accuse Republicans or conservatives of having on other issues you demand tolerance for. You again prove you're a hypocrite and your vitriolic hate and own intolerance as one of the nastiest bloggers in the state.

Then there are other logical problems you face. So you'd support impeaching the Vice-President Elect for his Senate vote on this - or at least sending him to hell?

A good number of Dems opposed the auto bailout - so this isn't a "republican war on" anyone. And even then - is it not possible for people to be honestly motivated in their opposition. This is a complex issue and calling people names you disagree with does nothing for it - or for America.

Bruce Fealk said...

Yes, there can be reasons for voting against the loans to the auto industry. Corker and Shelby are dishonest in their motivations beyond belief.

The Republicans have basically admitted their motivation is driving down union wages or eliminating the unions all together.

Talk about hypocrisy, what about the fact that the financial industry was able to mail in their requests for hundreds of billions of dollars, still fly in corporate jets and ripping off consumers, not loaning the money the American taxpayer gave them, and won't even answer questions about how the money is being spent, and have used the money to take expensive retreats, and they're still paying outrageous salaries to CEO's responsible for the banks failing in the first place, not to mention the multimillion dollar bonuses.

So why did the financial industry get bailed without any type of hearing before Congress and the auto industry has to come hat in hand. And don't get me wrong, Detroit has caused a lot of their problems with bad decision making.

As far as being one of the nastiest bloggers, I read Right Michigan once in a while and no one can beat Nick for his sarcastic tone and hate for Democrats and liberals in general.