Monday, November 24, 2008

Republicans Are Slow Learners - They Seem to Need Remedial Politics Lessons

Republicans appear to be very slow learners. Even after voters in Oakland County gave historic wins to Democrats nationally and voted in for the first time a Democratic Prosecutor and Democratic Treasurer, they still insist on playing the hyperpartisan games taught to them by Karl Rove and the national Republican party. Instead of letting the standing committees of the Oakland County Commission reflect the current 13-12 makeup of the full Commission, they have decided to weight committee assignments heavily in favor of Republicans. The prior committee makeup had reflected the close makeup of the full board.

We the people are sick and tired of this political gamesmanship. We are supposed to have representative government in this country and those representatives are chosen through fair elections, hopefully. I urge you to write an e-mail to the Republican commissioners and express your displeasure about their actions. Here are the Republican Commissioners e-mail addresses, to save you the trouble of looking them up on their individual bio pages on the Commission web site. (;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;

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