Saturday, September 13, 2008

Community Protest at John McCain's Farmington Office

After hearing that the Republican party wants to challenge voters based on foreclosure status. Shame on you, John McCain and the Republican party.

Families facing home foreclosure outraged at news they may lose their vote, too

Jobs with Justice, a coalition of community, labor and faith organizations whose goal is rights for workers and working families, and the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) held a peaceful demonstration outside of John McCain’s regional Midwest headquarters Friday afternoon. They were protesting a GOP plan to disqualify voters whose homes had been foreclosed, a plan that GOP officials later denied having.

Jobs for Justice and ACORN members planned on personally delivering a letter to the McCain campaign calling for the resignation of Macomb County GOP chairman James Carabelli, but the campaign staff refused to accept the letter.

Instead, they called the police and asked everyone to remove their cars from “private property.”

The police officer that responded was cordial, but said protesters had to move their cars. He suggested that the letter be delivered through registered mail instead.

Nancy Hemminger, an ACORN member whose home is in the process of being foreclosed, was angered at their refusal to accept the letter. ” They don’t want to see us ’cause putting a face to the problem may or may not cause them to [lose] sleep at night,” she said.

Jobs with Justice also requested a meeting to discuss concerns over voting rights in the letter that now will be delivered to the McCain offices by mail.

The demonstration started at noon despite rain, and protesters gathered under umbrellas to show their commitment to making sure voters’ voices were heard.

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