Monday, July 28, 2008

Bruce Fealk Interviews Jane Boudreau, candidate for Oakland County Sheriff

Jane Boudreau talks with Michigan Progress host, Bruce Fealk about the race for Oakland County Sheriff. Congratulations to Jane Boudreau on her win in the Democratic (not Democrat) primary. You can visit Jane's web site at


Anonymous said...

Long winded candidate, but didn't address her own personal "politicing" against the current Sheriff for firing her.

The wise should pause to consider her true motivations here.

'Her termination, she said...stemmed from a dispute over the interpretation of “flex time” scheduling as it pertained to her private duties as a part-time cheerleading coach at Walled Lake Northern High School. Boudreau’s lawsuit also indicates that a department investigator ordered her to give a “compelled statement” about a possible sexual relationship with a male(rumored to be married), deputy during an October 2005 Field Training Officers Association meeting in Mount Pleasant.

According to Boudreau’s filings, the deputy denied having relations with Boudreau while she, through her attorney indicated she would decline to answer any such allegation.'

Also, a DARE officer shouldn't have a son who actually stole a jar of Cancer donations to buy himself drugs. Should she?

Kristopher Espinoza,(Boudreau's son), 19, of West Bloomfield worked at the Dunkin Donuts and phoned police on Dec. 12 after he was allegedly robbed.

Oakland County Sheriff’s investigators learned from a tip that the robbery had been staged, and they reported today that text messages were used in the planning and the suspects have admitted their roles.

Sheriff’s officials said that Drew Sullivan, 17, of White Lake — and Espinoza’s friend — entered the store and took $600 from his friend as well as a jar of donations for cancer patients.

According to sheriff’s investigators, the money was spent on drugs.

Our Sheriff should be of the highest moral fiber. Jane Boudreau seems to be a far cry from that.

Bruce Fealk said...

Typical Republican coward. Making derogatory comments without identifying yourself. You have no credibility.

Anonymous said...

You are assuming that I am a Republican. I am not. Just because someone disagrees with your own agenda or views, does not make them a Republican...or WRONG.

Bruce Fealk said...

Why not identify yourself anyway.

Anonymous said...

This one is from hometownlife:

This one is from the Oakland Press:

Voters should not vote for "Parties", but for the correct candidate for the job.

Unfortunately, the Democratic party seems to have backed someone that they didn't research very well in this Primary. This information wasn't difficult to find.

Her name in November's election is not a victory for the Democrats, but an unfortunate failure.

Bruce Fealk said...

I don't see anything in that article that would affect my or anyone I know voting for her.

Why don't you identify yourself and put your credibility on the line instead of hiding behind anonymous comments?

Anonymous said...

Well, if you do not see anything wrong with supporting a candidate for our Oakland County Sheriff, that spouts off about integrity, but doesn't seem to know what it is, or voting for a so-called "dedicated" DARE officer with a son who steals Cancer pennies for drugs, I really don't know what else to say to you.

Be less concerned with who a Blogger is, and more concerned with who this particular candidate REALLY is. Investigate why she may have been fired from Pontiac and about her lawsuit there...which she lost by the way.

Oakland County is a structured business. If voters aren't careful, and do not consider these issues important enough...they could end up losing money and reputation in the long run.

Have you heard about Detroit's Mayor--Kwame Kilpatick and his escapades?

Bruce Fealk said...

So far you are an anonymous source with no credibility whatsoever. I won't give any credence to anonymous posts. You don't deserve any credibility until you at least identify yourself and how you can prove anything you say.

It just sounds like you have an axe to grind.

Anonymous said...

Pontiac Newspapers microfilm-1983-1987. Look for articles on Boudreau's firing and lawsuit. You have to come into the library to use the microfilm.

The microfilm is located in the Oakland County Courthouse complex on Telegraph Road in
Pontiac, MI. Their hours are Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:00pm

Newspapers and court documents should serve as "credibility".