Saturday, May 24, 2008

Last Recall Efforts Fail

The recall efforts against Marie Donigan and Andy Dillon are officially dead. The recall effort against Andy Dillon failed to get the required signatures after the Secretary of State did its work. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Leon.

We've just heard the Elections Division of the Secretary of State has determined
the petitions submitted by Leon Drolet to recall Speaker Dillon are at least 500
short of the minimum required.

Attached please find the
preliminary finding compiled by the Bureau of Elections.
A summary of our
finding is provided below:
Results of the prelimary findings are as
Total number of valid signatures required - 8,724
Total number
of signatures filed - 15,739
Result of face review - 14,659 vace valid
signatures; 1,080 invalid signatures
Result of registration verificiations -
4,417 signatures discounted under signer registration verifications; 2,018
signatures discounted under circulator registration verifications.
of initial peition review - 8,224 signatures accepted; 7,515 invalid
The petition contains 500 fewer valid entries than the
required number to initiate a recall election. The challenge period
expires on June 2, 2008. We are available to discuss these preliminary

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