Friday, April 25, 2008

Rochester Eccentric Endorsement for Randy Young for Michigan Representative

The following letter appeared in this week's Rochester Eccentric. You can find out more about Randy Young and please do send him a campaign contribution at

Fresh perspective needed

I am pleased to see Randy Young is running for the Michigan House of Representatives in our district (45th). I enthusiastically support his candidacy.

I have known Randy for six years, and have worked with him closely on a number of community and organizational issues. I have found that he is always willing to listen, is open to ideas, and puts reason above personalities. Randy's can-do spirit is very clear in the initiatives he undertakes.

Randy was born and raised in this part of Oakland County. He returned here to raise a family and build his career. I know no other person who is more passionate about working to make Michigan's future a bright one. The years he spent living outside of Michigan gives him a fresh perspective of what our state needs to do in order to measure up.

And, fresh perspective is sorely needed in the Lansing legislature. As everyone knows who pays attention to state government these days, Michigan was served badly by last year's gridlock and party divisiveness. Neither side of that standoff did us any good.

Randy answers to no one other than himself. He is a very independent-minded person with a single-minded conviction to fix Michigan and to pull it from the stalemate that locks us between the political parties and self-interested special interests.

I believe that Randy has a vision for Michigan's tomorrow, one that can respond to the changing economics. He understands finance. He understands taxes. He understands what makes Michigan unique among all states, and that includes the woods and water of our great outdoors.

Randy has shown me his willingness to work hard, find solutions, and try new things. Though his is a fairly new name in the public circle, I encourage you to get to know this candidate. He deserves your full consideration.

Dan Keifer

Rochester Hills

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