Friday, April 11, 2008

Republicans Are So Confused

Oakland County Republicans seem to want to have it both ways. They criticize Democrats for raising our taxes so high that new businesses won't want to open their doors in Michigan, at least that's what they want us to think. Then Joe Knollenberg, when talking about the success of new businesses in Oakland county says the number one reason businesses are choosing to come to Michigan... wait for it... our well trained work force. I think that's what Governor Granholm has been saying all along guys. But do Republicans give the governor any credit for being right on this topic? NO, of course not. They continue to say we have to lower taxes, say we need to address our infrastructure and don't realize that it takes revenue, also known as taxes, to build infrastructure. Why doesn't the media call them on their total lack of a cohesive, effective policy. Republicans have no policy besides cut taxes, which is a panacea for all problems that aren't solved by personal responsibility.

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Anonymous said...

I was at the meeting where Joe K. was speaking and his great idea for Health Care is for us all to get out and start walking. While I don't dismiss exercise as a smart thing to do he misses the point that so many people cannot get health care. He said in his comments that the sickest people don't have health insurance. Of course they don't. They are denied covered by any companies except BC/BS, and the BC/BS premiums are so high no one can afford them.

I also found it disingenuous that Mike Bishop at this same meeting was talking about how teachers are going to have to make some concessions in thier health care when he recently pushed through a bill that guarenteed his right to health care as a retired State Senator.

Time for some changes in Lansing!!