Sunday, April 13, 2008

Brooks Patterson is a big bag of hot air

Brooks Patterson, being the Republican that he is, just can't help himself. All Republicans ever talk about are taxes and personal responsibility, sometimes known as pulling yourself up by your bootstraps. They have no ideas, other than cutting taxes, mostly on rich people, and mostly the richest 1% of Americans. I suppose that means, that by cutting taxes to nothing, we'd be the most prosperous country in the world. Except there's one little problem with that theory of economics, there are expenses and Republicans have been borrowing money like drunken sailors. In Brooks' case that happens to be true literally, the drunk part anyway. But I digress.

This country has a problem, but it isn't taxes. In fact, Brooks is boasting about the $1 billion in new business that has moved into Oakland county recently. And guess what, they didn't move here because of the tax environment. They moved here because of the skilled work force, which is something Governor Granholm has been saying all along, except Brooks was too busy bloviating to listen, along with all his Republican cronies.

The war in Iraq is killing this country, literally, with over 4,000 soldiers killed in Iraq and economically, with costs now estimated, with all the care required for our veterans, which is being underfunded by the Bush regime, at at least $3 trillion. Now that's a problem. And we owe a lot of that money to the Chinese government. That's another problem. Every American owes over $30,000 in debt just for the war in Iraq. That is not fiscal responsibility in my book. Republicans have no right to claim any degree of fiscal responsibility and polls now show the majority of American trust Democrats to run the economy more than the Republicans and John McCain has admitted on numerous occasions, he really doesn't understand economics. Give him a good war and he's in his comfort zone. And he wants to bring the U.S. more war. John McCain loves war. The more war and carnage the better.

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MIKE said...

Brooks is anothe Republican who has long overstayed his welcome. Time for change.