Thursday, March 6, 2008

Oakland County Commissioners Meeting Report

I attended my first Oakland County Commissioners Meeting since starting the Oakland Democratic Politics blog. It's simply amazing to watch the obstructionist Republican at play at the local level. My favorite obstructionist is my very own commissioner, Sue Ann Douglas. Commissoner Douglas has been on the commission for 15 years, which in my opinion, is 15 years too long. It's too bad she lives in a safe Republican commission seat. If the residents of Rochester and Rochester Hills knew how she voted and how much of an obstructionist Sue Ann is, they might even vote her out office.

Today was a good example. Helaine Zack (D) introduced a resolution to support legislation being introduced by State Senator Gilda Jacobs to allow counties to set up commissions to oversee any monies that Oakland county may allocate to the Detroit Zoo, should a millage for that purpose be adopted by the voters.

The vote was 18-4, with all four no votes coming from the Republican side of the aisle, including Sue Ann Douglas. It seems even most Republicans on the Commission recognize the value of the zoo to the community and the wisdom of Zack's resolution in support of Senator Jacobs legislation.

Sue Ann Douglas, Today's Worst Oakland County Commissioner in the World (OK, so I borrowed the idea from Keith Olbermann)

The Oakland Press coverage of the story

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