Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Kevorkian Planning run in 9th

Now, I have to admit, I didn't see this one coming. Jack Kevorkian apparently is planning to run for Congress in the 9th Congresional District. I wonder how much press beyond this article in the Oakland Press Kevorkian will get and is he planning on running as an independent or as a Democrat? I don't see him challenging Knollenberg as a Republican, given his views on assisted suicide, although that would be a hoot if he did run as a Republican.


Anonymous said...

That's great! A man who believes our lives should be lived according to our own rules. Wow, sounds like he believes in freedom. Bring it on Jack! We need all we can get!

Stephen Drake said...

As I’ve written on my blog, I wonder whether or not the media will treat Kevorkian as a real candidate or as a sideshow.

For one thing, Kevorkian’s lawyer claimed - several years in a row - that Kevorkian had “less than a year to live.” Seems that Michigan voters have a right to know whether or not Kevorkian will live out the term of office. If his doctor says he can, then Kevorkian has to answer why his lawyer apparently misrepresented his health status while arguing for his early release from prison.

More: ing-kevorkian-to-run-for-congress.html

Gadfly said...

I used to live in Flint, and I taught a class on death and dying issues at Baker College in the mid-1990s. Kevorkian's first jury trial fell during the time I first taught the class.

If I were a newspaper editor there, I would officially endorse him in any way possible.