Friday, March 14, 2008

Joe wants to let George listen to your conversations and read your e-mail

The FISA vote occured just moments ago. Of course, Joe Knollenberg voted against the bill without immunity for the telecom companies, and by extension immunity for the George W. Bush regime. However, even without Joe's vote, the bill passed without immunity, 213-197. Joe is on the wrong side again.

It's ok for George W. Bush to break the law and invade our privacy, according to Joe Knollenberg. Way to go, Joe. According to Joe, treasonous acts, like outing a CIA agent is OK, reading our e-mail is OK, tapping our phones is OK, even though all these things can be done legally, Joe Knollenberg thinks George W. Bush and his fellow criminals at the CIA and the NSA should be able to violate our civil liberties at will. We can be safe and not give up our civil liberties, but Joe Knollenberg thinks we don't deserve civil liberties.

It's time for Joe to go.

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